Unrivaled Features

Animated GIF Creation

Animated GIF's are short videos created from still images and are all the rage! Our Photo Booths and Photo Stands are equipped with this new technology and provide guests the option to create their very own live-action GIF immediately after taking their photos. Our TeleBooth® Mobile App lets guests instantly save and share their favorite GIF with friends and family so everyone can witness your perfect celebration!

Unlimited Photos + Print Options

Every rental includes unlimited picture taking for the duration of the rental. Double prints (one for you and one for your guests) are included with all photo booth rentals while photo stand clients have the option of picking between no prints, single prints, or double prints.

Free* On-Site Reprints

Avoid the who-gets-this-photo fight! Both the Photo Booth & Photo Stand* let guests reprint their faves instantly.

Quality Waaay Beyond Megapixels

Ridiculously expensive gear paired with real-time image enhancements create images of the highest quality. Our proprietary software analyzes and adjusts every image to ensure proper color rendition, contrast, exposure and sharpness.You can even enlarge your favorite pose to a 16x20 without any loss of image quality!

Video Preview

Our video preview helps users make slight adjustments (hair, teeth, etc.) and position themselves perfectly in the photo. Preview, Preview, on the Screen. Who's gonna take the Best Photos you've ever seen?

Lightning Speed!

In a matter of seconds you'll have your photo in hand. Get more photos in your guest book, spend less time waiting and make even more photo memories!

Split Tones

Let your guests decide the tone of their copy without sacrificing the tone of your copy. It's a win-win!

Free Web Hosting + Image Downloads

Free downloads of photos are available online in your very own password protected gallery. Download your faves and share them with the Galaxy.

Super Tones® Photo Filters

Why choose between just color and black & white? Unleash the creativity and watch your guests take more unique photos with custom tones of Black & White, Color, Sepia and Retro Colour.

super tones

Frame-Filling Photos

Both our photo booths and photo stands fit small and large groups and will have everyone gushing with excitement as they create frame-filling photos.

Imagine your closest friends and family squeezing together, couples smooching, older guests looking adorable, and kids bouncing around anticipating the flash. Even grouchy guests can't help but look GREAT in our photos! Request FREE samples and see the difference with your own eyeballs!


Excellent Service

You won't find any slick, high-pressure sales people here. Get ready to be pampered with old school customer service, a low-pressure approach to sales, and a knee-wobbling love for all things photo booths.

Grandpa Approved

Easebility isn't a word but it's the only way to describe how easy our booth is to use. Simple instructions, a touch screen interface, pose suggestions and a video preview help create frame-filling and perfect photo strips every time. Technically inept grandparents and tipsy in-laws rejoice!

Boother® Included

Our Boothers® know how to help your guests have a great time. This classically trained customer service guru is included with every rental (no you can't keep them!), provides free babysitting, dresses to the 9's, and will make your photo guest book look like a million bucks!

Have No Fear, The Photo Booth Guys® Are Here!

We ARE Photo Entertainment Superheros. We're America's oldest photo booth rental franchise which means we're photo geeks that know how to get the job done better than anyone else. It also means our locally owned offices are operated by passionate experts that provide an unrivaled worry free experience. We live and breath Photo Booths, and we're here to Save the Day!