Meet The Audio Guest Book

A retro, charming, and unique way for friends, family, and loved ones to leave a voice recording with messages of love, joy, wisdom, and well-wishes.


Sample Audio

The Idea

Our personalized Audio Guest Book lets guests create one-of-a-kind voice recordings that will be listened to and treasured forever. You'll love hearing guests share advice, an inside joke, a heartfelt congratulations and you'll be surprised at how precious these recordings are. You'll hear guests loosen up throughout your celebration, and their voices and personalities will be preserved loud and clear forever.

After the event, we take these audio memories and create a way for you to enjoy and share them with others. The audio guest book can be recorded to a Vinyl Record for playback, saved as an audio file, or shared as an audio reel on your favorite social network.

How It Works

1) Guests pick up the phone, are greeted by a personalized message from you, and prompted to leave you a message.

2) Guests leave a message after the beep.

3) Guests hang up the phone for the next guest to use.

4) After the event, the audio guest book can be preserved on a Vinyl Record and/or we can send you the audio file for sharing with family and friends.

Included Personalization Options

Every Audio Guest Book rental includes the ability to personalize the greeting guests hear when picking up the phone, and a personalized instruction sign to encourage even the shyest of guests to leave a personal message.

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