Meet The Green Machine

Looking to personalize your rental with a digital background? Our A.I.-Powered Digital Green Screen Machine (AKA "The Green Machine") replaces the background with a digital background of your choice and doesn't require a gaudy bright green screen to do it!

Green Screen Without the Screen!

Our Green Machine can remove any backgroud and replace it with the backround you pick. A digital background is both economical and eco-friendly and the personalization possibilities are limitless! Our background removal technology is powered by A.I. and doesn't require a green screen. It looks so real!

Request Samples

If a digital photo is worth a thousand words then a "real" printed photo from the green machine is worth a million words. Request Free Samples here!

Quality Waaay Beyond Megapixels

Ridiculously expensive gear paired with real-time image enhancements create images of the highest quality. Our proprietary software analyzes and adjusts every image to ensure proper color rendition, contrast, exposure and sharpness. You can even enlarge your favorite pose to a 16x20 without any loss of image quality!

Rentals Include

Photo Stand Rentals Include: Delivery, Setup, Removal, Unlimited double-print prints*, on-site reprints*, an on-site attendant, photo filters, Animated GIFs, 60 days webhosting of images, and free downloads.
Offerings may vary from office to office. Contact your local office HERE to confirm.

Before & After Green Screen


Before + After - Goldilocks Would Be PROUD!

Move the slider from left to right to see the gray fabric background replaced with a step-and-repeat digital background.