Meet The Photo Camper

The Photo Camper is truly one-of-a-kind (designed exclusively for us), is a rolling contradiction of modern and retro sensibilities, is hip without knowing it, and simply looking at it brings smiles to people's faces.

An Unrivaled Sensory Experience

Take a step back in time with our adorable photo booth camper. We transformed a 1974 Perris Valley camper into a spacious photo booth on wheels! Endless bubbles, optional music, air conditioning and a retro sign make this puppy...well, cuter than a real puppy!

Multiple Print Layouts

The Photo Camper can either take 4 photos per session (aka 4-UP) or 1 photo per session (aka 1-UP). The 4-UP is perfect for creatives and selfie junkies while 1-UP sessions takes less time (great for events short on time with lots of guests) and print larger photos

Quality Waaay Beyond Megapixels

Ridiculously expensive gear paired with real-time image enhancements create images of the highest quality. Our proprietary software analyzes and adjusts every image to ensure proper color rendition, contrast, exposure and sharpness. You can even enlarge your favorite pose to a 16x20 without any loss of image quality!

Simple Pricing

While not our cheapest machine, it's worth every penny. For a flat rate, all photo camper rentals include: A $100 gift certificate to spend on sweet add-ons, AC/Heat, up to 4 hours of use, unlimited prints, free reprints, real-time sharing via text messaging, an on-site attendant, photo filters, animated GIF creation, 60 days of image web hosting, thousands of bubbles and obviously the cutest camper in the Galaxy! Contact US for Pricing.

The Greatest In The Galaxy
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