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Meet The Photo Stand

Photo Stand

Modern, spacious, and a red carpet experience without the dirty rug! Our Open-Style Photo Stands give your guests the gift of a VIP treatment while capturing performances of a lifetime. Selfie-Guru Approved! Personalize the background, choose from multiple layouts, and enjoy frame-filling photos of both small and large groups.

Personalized Backgrounds

Personalize your photo stand rental with a custom background. Choose from a collection of our faves, let us create one for you, or even design your own! Checkout Backgrounds from the TTPB Collection

Multiple Print Layouts

The Photo Stand always take 4 pics, allowing guests to express their creativity and customize how their photo prints. Pick between "The Why Decide 4-UP" with all 4 pics, or a glamour portrait, "The Perfect Take 1-UP" that highlights their most stylish creation.Seeing is believing. Request Free Samples here!

Print and Print-less Options

Want prints? We have you covered! Choose between printing one 4x6 (for the guest) or two 4x6's (for both you and the guest).

Prefer keeping it digital? We do that too. Save some moola with our "No Print Option" and give your guests direct online access to their images. A tour de force in the constantly changing world of technology!

Did You Ever Wonder...

How many photo booths it takes to reach the moon? Find out HERE


Meet The Photo Booth

Think retro, charming, cozy, and classic. Our booths bring guests closer together and capture their most memorable moments. Our booths are jam-packed with unique features, create vintage style selfies, and churn out priceless photos faster than you can say "cheese!"

Retro Photo Strips

Guests love party favors and we've got you covered. Since the very beginning, photo booths have always printed a series of vertical portraits on a skinny strip. We've kept the tradition alive and added a second copy so both you and your guest have a priceless, retrolicious keepsake.Wanna be dazzled? Request real samples HERE!

The Disappearing Curtain

Our photo booth's back curtain quickly disappears helping both small & large groups create frame-filling, once in a lifetime photos. Find out how many you can squeeze into the photo (the record is 14) and let the good times roll! Beware of the occasional Photo Bomber. Who's behind the curtain? Find out HERE

Small Footprint BIG Impact

Floor space is precious and our photo booth barely takes up 6.5' by 3.5'. Heck, that's smaller than some wild dogs.

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