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Real Reviews

Hi! Thank you so so much for running a fantastic photo booth! Not only was it the only thing on my "wedding bucket list", but it was even more amazing than I ever imagined. All I've heard about in the past 24 hours is how awesome the photo booth was and how much everyone enjoyed it. Frank and I went through the album this morning and we laughed our butts off, and I teared up of course with overwhelming joy seeing the people we love most in the world all together and thoroughly enjoying themselves. There are pictures of numerous older couples kissing that I know for a fact haven't even pecked on the lips in years! What an amazing job you guys have! We are so happy that you could be a part of our kick-ass day. Worth every damn penny and then some (even my dad - the guy who provided the funds for your awesomeness - more than agreed)! We'll have to come up with another function you guys can strut your stuff at one day.Many, many, many thanks! - Mr. and Mrs. MacNeil

Your photo booth was the hit of our wedding. You guys are fun, easy to work with, professional and dependable. Everything worked as it was supposed to, and then some. If I ever get divorced and then married again (God forbid), you're the ones I'm calling first...after the lawyer. Seriously, you guys rock. Thanks for helping to make my wedding even more festive and special. Anyone who has a party without using the Traveling Photo Booth needs to seriously reevaluate. -Ray Richmond

One of the best things we did in planning our wedding was hiring The Traveling Photo Booth®! The photo booth is one of the things my guests CONTINUE to talk about! I LOVE the photo strip guest book, too - it's such a great way to remember the night! -Alison Prosser

We saw your company at a wedding show & another at an actual wedding. The quality of your booth was way better!!! No question!!!! The attendant was so exceptional, even when kids were having fun with it, he just allowed them have a great time.Lots of referrals were given out that night!!!! -Kim & Dave

It was worth EVERY penny. It was the best money I put into my wedding, and I put most of the money in myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Shannon DiMarco

We really wanted a compact photo booth and this worked out perfect. Everyone really had fun with it and we love the photo guest book, it's a great memory we'll forever have. It was definitely worth every penny!!! Thanks so much :) -Sara & Michael

I had been told great things and wanted to try something different, but was a little hesitant and almost didn't do it. I couldn't be happier that we did!!!! Kate (the photo booth attendant) was GREAT! We are nearly in tears from laughing every time we look at our picture book. THANK YOU!! - Sara Smude

I heard that having a photo booth was a lot of fun at a wedding. It was fun for everyone, adults and kids! Thanks so much! -Bianca & Jon

We were introduced to your company at a bridal fair and liked what you had to offer the best! Thank you for adding so much fun to our special night! We received many, many great comments about you and the whole idea of the photo booth! -Jason Christianson

It was worth every penny! Our guests LOVED it! Your staff was fantastic! Chad was awesome! Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so unique and memorable!!!! -Heather & Marcel

Both of our mother's had their doubts about the idea. However, [ the photo booth] ended up being my favorite thing. We have photo's of just about everyone from the reception and they are in their best form-- laughing and having a great time! Thank you again! -Amanda Meadows Hoag

We were exceptionally happy with The Traveling Photo Booth®. The entire experience - the booth, the strips, the guest book, the attendant - far exceeded our expectations. It was the highlight of the event. We will absolutely recommend you. Thank you so much! -Rachel Nelson

I knew I wanted a photo booth, but I didn't realize HOW amazing it was going to be! Everyone really thought it was a great idea, it gave people something fun to do, it was something different (especially the guest book) and it was just the best thing ever! -Nicole & Sean

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. I have looked at my book about one million times. And I find something new and hilarious every time! Hands down the best money spent at the wedding!!! Thank you once again. You made our evening so special. -Sue Zvers

The Traveling Photo Booth® was everything we dreamed of and more! The attendant was very professional, courteous, accommodating and just an all around great guy! Everyone wanted The Traveling Photo Booth® at their next event! Great job! -Kate & Jim

Having The Traveling Photo Booth® at our wedding in September was one of the best decisions we made! Also, your photo booth in particular is quite impressive. Justin and I have been to other weddings with different variations and, by far, yours beats the competition hands down. -Christine Page

This was amazing! I knew as soon as I found you that I wanted you at our wedding. Everyone loved it from my 4 year-old cousin to my Great Aunt and Uncle! Our photo booth stayed busy all night, I only wish we would have kept you there for one more hour! -Matt & Jessica

We absolutely loved having the photo booth at our wedding. It definitely was the hit of the reception. My husband and I have looked at our little album so many times, and it makes us laugh each time. We got so many positive comments from our guests saying what a great idea the booth was and how much fun it was. -Melissa Cole

It was a MAJOR, MAJOR hit with the guests! Looking back, I wish that we would have booked you longer! - Hope & Ryan

We are still getting calls about how much our guests had throughout the evening. The Traveling Photo Booth added a whole new entertaining dimension to our cocktail reception. Thanks for everything! -Missy Stein

You guys did a great job! Our guests had so much fun with it and we really love the guest book! I chose the The Traveling Photo Booth® because of the quality and look of the booth and strip... I fell in love with the look and feel of your booths. -Meghan & Kyle

Thank you SO MUCH! As expected, the guests went totally ga-ga over the photo booth. The guest book you provided is sure to be one of our most cherished keepsakes from the wedding. Thanks again!!! -Angela Kisling

I'm not even sure if I remember how we found you guys, but I loved every little thing about you and the booth and it was for sure worth every penny and more!!! It's all our guest have been talking about! -Dan & Reeba

You were the hit of our wedding! It wouldn't have been the same without having the photo booth. Thanks again. It was worth every penny! -Kadi Allen

The photo booth was the highlight of the wedding! Our guests loved it! The book was so fun to read that night and it was a great way to capture a moment! THANK YOU! -Kate Nalipinski

The photo booth was the hit of the evening. We were so happy with your services and product. Thank you for making our experience so memorable! We loving showing off our beautiful guest book. It holds laughter and memories of our closest friends and family. Thank you! -Maggie Combs

It's what they're going to remember from our wedding!!! Everyone had such a great time with it. Especially the little kids AND the kids at heart. -Kristin Weinandt

We had the perfect wedding day and the photo booth definitely added to that! Everyone was talking about it and it was a hit. Thank you very much! -Scott Brake

We REALLY enjoyed the photo booth. It was the talk among our friends and family! -Anne Focht

You guys are awesome! Our guests had a BLAST with the photo booth and everyone commented on what a great idea it was! Thank you! -Kristyn Vickman

We loved it!! Everyone loved it! Thanks for everything! -Emily Anderson

We wanted something that would draw people in, an activity that wasn't the chicken dance that we could document and enjoy later as well. Everyone had a memorable, fun experience. And those who couldn't remember the next day had the photos to help them recall. The guest book will be a treasure for us always. Thank you!! -Vanessa Lisovskis

It kept everybody entertained and people from our reception are still talking about it! Thanks for a wonderful job!!! -Jacque LeBrun

The Photo Booth was such a hit and we couldn't be happier that we did it! It was so worth it and everyone had a lot of fun! We would do it again in a heartbeat! -Renee Markech

It was great! All our guests loved it! -Courtney Berglund